How To Rank On Page #1 Of Google In 6 Minutes (Really!)

Who said you had to work hard to get page #1 rankings?

Last friday I again replicated one my favourite technique which consists of grabbing page 1 rankings with the least effort possible.

After 6 minutes I reached the number 3 spot on page one, and 24 hours later I was sitting comfortably at #1 with a video that I recorded in 6 minutes.

Today I want to show you how you can achieve the same kind of results for yourself.

Watch the video now for the full story,


Edit: time in the video shows 31 min ranking, mea culpa. Wrong screenshot, but u get the idea..

11 thoughts on “How To Rank On Page #1 Of Google In 6 Minutes (Really!)”

  1. Another really useful post Bert! Thanks for this. Do you have any tips on how to get a video to rank on p1 of Google if there isn’t a video there already? Also, the pop up link to your other posts that appears at the bottom right of this page is nice. Who is this through? Thanks

  2. Hey Richard well if there isn’t a video in place best thing is to work on your video backlinks & popularity. For backlinks you can get a SEnukex blast on fiverr. And for popularity well either piggy back on trending topics or buy likes/views on fiverr again. Now if there are no videos ranking on that page it might take a while before Goog starts showing videos in the SERPS, but the idea generally is to use platforms which are already popular/powerful for fast rankings (can be done with facebook pages, web 2.0 hubs etc.). And the plugin i use to display related stories is ‘nrelate flyout’ (bottom right) and ‘nrelate related posts’ (below posts). Very cool stuff

  3. Well my friend. I have to say THANK YOU once again. This happens to be something that I have been planning on testing but had not gotten around to it and you have went and proved that it works! Fantastic.

    Sincerely, Calvin

  4. Thank you for your trick! This is great tips for quickly rank Youtube by SEO and
    But I’ve search KW “backlink skyrocket review” is just around 400+ in quote and very few in title.
    I concern how to rank Youtube with high KW ?
    I have uploaded two my VIDs and without doing nothing about ping or bookmark even SEO. After 12 hours one of them is page one! (I found that ‘s no my secret because there ‘re low competitive KW which I’ve taken then). I’m still learning how to rank and SEO and learn the tricks from you 🙂
    Any comment? Big Thanks. Thanh

  5. @Larry, Martin. Yea thanks for spotting that I managed to confuse myself.. need to get more sleep sometimes ;0 Still I actually didnt take a screenshot straight away but the vid was there in less than 3 min. The focus is not on the exact number but rather on the sheer speed of it.. if anyone is interested let me know and ill do more case studies.

  6. Thanks for the information. At the end when you mentioned that this can be used in other niche areas I had a light bulb moment, thanks again for sharing this

  7. Hey Rick I don’t actually count the words but rather write everything i can that describes the video and the topic at hand. This said i just had a look at a couple of my videos and my average word count is 200+ words broken in 4/5 paragraphs. I have my keyword at the beginning of the description and at the end of the description and at least once in most paragraph (when possible). I think my keyword density is around 1 to 2%. Hope this helps!

  8. How’s it going, Bertranddo? I just ran into your website and you must know that I really like the simplicity and elegance of its design! Great job.

    I watched your video above and it’s pure gold. Thank you for being so generous.

    I just had to bookmark your blog, by the way.

    Wishing you continued success all the way from Silicon Valley in California,


  9. Hey Salvador thanks and welcome to this blog! You can sign up on my list by heading over to the homepage (, I actually share a lot of stuff via emails!


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