How To Get Your Face On Google (For Free)

OK so as you might have noticed since the introduction of Google+ the SERPS are getting kind of social, with faces popping up here and there.

Now for a while I thought this Google Serps image trick might be reserved for some ‘elite’ kind of marketers, not for the mere mortals like us..

That’s until I saw some random people getting their pics in search. So I started investigating.

For instance if you search for “SEO review” this is what you will get:

But first… Why would you want to have your pic up in the SERPS besides for satisfying your own cyber-vanity?

1. Greater click-throughs
The power of images over text needn’t be demonstrated again. I am currently running tons of ads on Facebook and PlentyOfFish, and I can assure you that one image tweak can easily triple your click-through and conversions. So if Google allows to get your image in the SERPS, go get it (and feel free to test different images!).

2. Increased branding and following
Having a pic of you on Google can help you brand yourself as some kind of expert. You might even get people clicking on your name and checking out your Google+ profile. I have found that since I got my pic on Google I actually got more followers on my (rather inactive) Google+ profile.

So how do you do you get your face on Google?

Actually the process is incredibly simple. Here is a step-by-step.

1. Go to and input your Google + URL in the first box.
Choose the small button size and copy the output code (in the big box).

2. Go to your website and paste the code you got from step 2 in your html, before the </head> closing tag:

3. Go to Google Plus, click on your pic to jump to your profile and then click on “Edit your profile” (big blue button in the top right hand corner). Now click on ‘Contributors to’ and add your website here.

That’s it! Now go to this test tool (optional) and enter your website URL to make sure your image will be displayed properly.

Wrapping up

It took exactly 4 days for my pic to appear on Google SERPS on my test site, and since it’s gotten there I have experienced a net increase in visitors.

I haven’t done any other simultaneous promotion so I attribute this solely to my author pic showing in the SERPS.

I definitely recommend you take 5 mintues of your time today to follow the 3 easy steps above and get your pic on the SERPS. Please also note that you can appear as an author to as many sites as you want.

As a final note I just wanted to point that using this technique is not going to help your online privacy, so if you are a notorious member of Anonymous or your name is on the FEMA list then you might want to skip this one…

Let me know in the comments below if you need any further help implementing this technique,


3/3/2012 Update: Someone asked about it and yea it’s possible to change your profile image. It will be instantly reflected on the SERPS (tried and tested)!

21 thoughts on “How To Get Your Face On Google (For Free)”

  1. Thank you for such a great tip! I was wondering how people got their faces on the Google SERPs. And thanks for the info for FREE!

  2. awesome sharing of great tip that others keep inside their paid membership sites. You help the 1 man budget marketer compete with the big boys and firms. many thanks for your generosity.

  3. Hi Andy,

    That’s a good question. I actually ASSUME they do, but I have never tested it myself yet. I have never seen graphical images yet, but that’s probably because people are not testing these out. I doubt that Google is reviewing each and every image update, so it’s definitely worth a try.

    I’ll test it out, if you watch this blog Ill make to update you on this experiment


  4. hi Bertrand,
    you always delivery and have done it again thanks ,
    anyway i send you an email about two weeks now and you have not reply abit disappointed about that, let me knw when you are in dublin or can we talk on skype.

  5. Hey Ken can you resend me your email at bertrand (at) bertranddo dot com? I am very sorry, I must have missed it in the confusion of my last launch : )


  6. @Trish yea i guess u can hide the ugly button : ) now ive noticed Google have a new interface with a bigger and kind of better looking button too.

  7. @James definitely point it to the root domain in my opinion. And you pic should then appear for all indexed pages. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Bertranddo. I made what You said in order to put my photo and its worked! but whe i’m not logged in google, the photo doesn’t appear. I that normal??

    Thank you, Jany

    I have found a WSO that try to sell this info that you have gave us for free. Although I hope that WSO is not only that

    Best wishes!

  9. Hey Jany awesome results, glad this works for you!

    It must be a glitch if you are not seeing your picture while logged in, I am able to see my own when Im logged in so that shouldnt happen!

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