How To Dominate Google With Reviews In 2 Easy Steps

Over the past year, microdata have become increasingly important on Google. In fact it just seems that website owners who are actively using microdata have an unfair advantage on the SERPs.

Let me take a simple real life example. A few days ago I was looking up reviews for a product and I got these results on Google.

In the old days I would probably have gone straight for the first post. But what happened instead? I went all the way to the bottom and the guy with the review stars showing up got my click.

This brought me to this reflection: even though you may not be #1 on the SERPS by adding a rating system you may be able to snatch some visitors from the top ranking websites.

Combine this with adding your pic on Google and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

This technique is particularly suited for Amazon sites and any type of affiliate marketing websites.

Make sure to watch the video above for the step-by-step.

Very cool stuff,

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11 thoughts on “How To Dominate Google With Reviews In 2 Easy Steps”

  1. We’ve been playing with this for the past few weeks and I can confirm with real world data, that we saw our 7th place organic ranking get a 67% increase in traffic once the review stars were visible in the search engine results.

    A recent webinar with Yoast also confirmed he gets a 20% increase in traffic from his author pic being visible.

    Still trying to reverse engineer a solution for the author pic, but can’t seem to make it stick. Any suggestions?

  2. Nice tip Bertrand. I am guessing you can tick business to use for offline clients to show their google map reviews on their domain site too.

  3. Hey Bertrand, I did see your report which was close to what we we’re trying but it won’t stick. It shows in the google rich snippet testing tool, but still no go after being crawled???

  4. @Free well thats strange, as Google says on the richsnippet they don’t guarantee the rich snippets will be displayed on the SERPs.. mayb wait a few more days and do keep me updated. U can send me an email if you want me to have a look for u

  5. Dude, what can I say. But WOW well done for this GREAT tip, I bought the Sky rocket backlink on your suggestion as featured on this video. Cheers keep up the good work have a great weekend. I am very lucky I am on your email list. Thanks once again for the value you add to our community. BJ

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