Get High Quality Backlinks from Software Submission Websites [VIDEO]

Getting high quality backlinks to your site is critical to improving your rankings on the search engines, which is a precondition to increasing your website earnings (high rankings=traffic=money!).

Pad submission (also known as ‘software submissions’) are great backlinks comming from High PR software directories websites similiar to CNET, brothersoft, etc.

I created this little 6 part tutorial to show you how to easily create your own software and submit it to about 300 software sites in about 20 minutes. I talk you through the entire set-up and process, so I recommend you pause the video now and then to perform the steps yourself.

Everytime I tried this technique on any of my sites I saw a ranking increase usually within 5 to 10 days.

Click play on the first video below and watch how to get powerful backlinks from software directories now. (note: use the accordion tabs on the right to jump to the next video)

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Disclaimer: the first link to PadSubmitWorker is an affiliate link, if you choose to purchase through my link I will get a commission. You decide if I deserve it ūüôā

I had great results with it myself, hence the reason why I am sharing it with you today.

=> Get Pad Submit Worker

=> Download Jigsway Puzzle Promo Creator

=> Download FileZilla

Here are some other Pad submission softwares I haven’t tried myself. ¬†These are not affiliate links since I have no clue how good they really are.



Advanced Bulk Pad Submitter

Free PAD Submit (35 submissions only)

One thing to add: some of these do not necessarily include the Pad creation part (unlike PadSubmitWorker) and may only include the Pad submission function (this means you may need to create your own pad file with Padgen3 first of all) . The end results will be the same, it might simply take a little more time.


Please share your results with this technique and let me know if you have any questions!


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