33% Speed Increase [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Page speed is some kind of esoteric topic in the IM community, yet it is one of the ranking factors which will affect your position in the SERPS. Additionnally, if your website is slow you can be sure that you will lose tons of visitors who are not patient enough to wait for your page to load.

According to the BBC, the average attention span for a visitor is 9 seconds. Does your website load fast enough?

In this live case-study, you will see how I increased my website speed by 33% in 15 minutes using 3 simple free plugins; you can pause this video as I go and do the steps yourself, you will definitely see INSTANT results 🙂

Enjoy and take action.

Note: Click on the Full Screen icon to watch this vid in HD.

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Pingdom Tools

Google Page Speed Online

WP Super Cache

WP Smush.It

WP Minify


8 thoughts on “33% Speed Increase [VIDEO TUTORIAL]”

  1. Hi Bertranddo,

    man these tutorials of yours help complete the jig saw for optimising our business’s. Let’s face it, anything at all that can optimise traffic is very valuable, so thank you for these pearls of wisdom!


    Mike FD

  2. I am sorry to say but 9 seconds is TOO much. 4 seconds is the maximum according to a newer study.

    I am very familiar with “boosting” website’s loading speed (even WordPress based sites) and one of our sites has about 2500 visitors daily after decreasing loading time.

    I recommend using W3 Total Cache (with tweaking Apache server, too) and some other techniques that will really give you a FAST loading blog.

    Hell, I could even make a product/service out of this…

    If you want to know more just contact me 😉

  3. Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely check W3 Total Cache and report with the results. Feel free to share any additional info you might know of here, that would be highly appreciated!

  4. Hi Bertrand

    Giving your subscibers this kind of information is why your emails get opened every time, your recommendations are followed and your own products purchased.

    You don’t simply promote every wso that comes out like some people do.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes from Scotland

    Ian McLaren

  5. Me again 😉

    Check out my blogpost here: http://www.cookielessdomain.com/blog/2010/09/boosting-the-loading-speed-of-your-wordpress-blog/

    This blog is about “decreasing loading time” with different techniques that I am using every day. It begins with valid HTML and ends with adding/configuring Apache modules.

    I am Frontend Developer and all my sites are optimized for maximum speed.

    I am thinking of “making” a service, definitely a plus when it comes to SEO/Usability.

    I found out that faster pages are generating more traffic/sales/returning visitors. The bounce rate dropped after we changed the “home” page of our business.

    However, for me it is clear that Google is rewarding fast loading pages. Not only that, images you have an online shop that takes 5 seconds to load… many people are leaving before your shop is rendered… facts you can not deny.

    I have tested sales pages as well… many of them – no, nearly all are coded very bad and are taking ages to load.

    If you want to save traffic… think about optimizing (CSS sprites, CSS based layout, combining JS, combining CSS, …)!

    Less HTTP requests means less traffic, caching is your friend, mod_deflate is loved by everyone 😉

  6. Awesome Michael.. I have checked your blog, its very good, seems like you are a master of your trade. We should really get in touch!

  7. Morning Bertrand.

    I would love to work with a master like you, maybe we can do something really cool.

    I am thinking about doing a video series (in german and english).

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