The Trello System (FREE PDF Download)

Effectively pushing projects to completion is in my opinion one of the most valuable skills of an Internet Marketer.

In fact, as online workers and business owners, we are often guilty of easily getting distracted and not following through our dreams. I know that being unable to finish the sites I was working on was one of the main causes of my failure in my first few years online.

I hope that the following special report will help others who might be in the same situation I was in a few years back to reach their goals and finally leave their dreams. And if you are already reaching your goals, this might help you take them to the next level.

So without further ado, feel free to click on the link below to download the Trello Marketing System.

 (pdf – 12 pages)

And here is the companion video (18 minutes). I recommend you start with the PDF, then watch the video.

I spent quite a bit of time putting this together, and I really hope it will help you in your business,

All the best,

P.S. What do you to manage your projects? Feel free to leave your comments below to join the discussion.

14 thoughts on “The Trello System (FREE PDF Download)”

  1. Hey man I must say that this is a KILLER blog post. The PDF is really well put together and you have articulated your system in a very concise way. The video tutorial helps a lot too. Thank you for sharing these, I use Basecamp personally but I will look into Trello today and see if it can help me.


  2. Hi Bertranddo,

    Thanks for this pdf as I was in the middle of creating checklist and action steps for building websites and client checklist. This came at the right time, which is weird lol. The video link is no longer in use.

    Have you heard of boomberang for gmail as well, its an email reminder addon that you can use to schedule reply backs or whatever inside of gmail. Check it out this is a cool gmail addon.

    Take it easy

  3. Bertrand, WOW this has got to be the best info I’ve seen that will triple my productivity alone on a day to day basis, not to mention the time it will save knowing where I left off on a task or keep from losing project ideas that have to be started. Some times they are forgotten for months before I see something to remind me of where I was going with a concept or tool I wanted to use.
    Thanks a MILLION

  4. Thank you for this introduction to Trello. This has been very timely for me. 🙂

    One question…

    Is it possible to set up the board so that workers see ONLY the tasks (cards) that have been assigned specifically to them — and NOT see any of the cards that have not been specifically assigned to them? (But that I as the owner/manager can see ALL the cards/tasks.)

    Thanks in advance,

  5. Great video Bertrand. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m in the process of building a sales funnel for our latest products and was getting bogged down with post-it notes and paper (old-school)!

    I’m using Trello as of right NOW!

  6. Bertranddo this is the most valuable wso I have obtained in the past 2 years. I am glad I did not discard the email you sent before opening it up. You provided an immeasurable ton of value with this video. Tres Tres Magnifique. Awesome information.

  7. Hey Tom,

    I believe this is not possible. A Trello board works best as a transparent system where everyone is aware of what others are doing.

    This said, sometimes you have some sections of a project that are not relevant to everyone, in this case you can divide your projects in boards (people can only see what’s inside the board they are a member of).

    For instance when I develop reasonably complex products, I create 3 different boards: Product Marketing (here I’ll add the copywriter and graphic designer), Product Development (here it will mainly be me and the developers) and Website Development (for the website developer and graphic designer).

    I hope this makes sense,

    P.S. Thanks to everyone for the comments, I am very glad this is helpful.

  8. Bertrand
    Thanks again for this post, and also your reply to my earlier question.
    Prior to this, while I had briefly looked at Trello and some other Kanban systems, I had not seriously considered them, because they appeared to be too “simple” to work for my needs…
    I now recognize that SIMPLE can be GOOD, it may just require a bit of “tweaking” of the way we set up our projects and workflow, to make things work for our individual needs.
    I really, really appreciate you taking the time to write this post and PDF, and record your video. 🙂

  9. Hi Bertrand,

    As usual, you come up with things I certainly need, as I can get easily distracted. I will try putting this into practice. I am heading to Trello. Thanks much Don

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