How To Block Time-Wasting Websites And Get Things Done

Alright so as you know the Internet can be a huge time consumer. Actually most of us don’t realize how much hours we waste doing unproductive things such as checking emails for the 10th time in the day or wasting time ‘Googling’ things around.

I have been very lucky to come across a simple Chrome add-on called Stayfocusd.

Note  that there is an alternative for Firefox called Leechblock.

Watch the video below to find out how I manage to get 10X more things done since I got this little add-on.

Download it for yourself and test drive it for at least a day, this is going to help you a lot.

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Stayfocusd for Chrome

Leechblock for Firefox


5 thoughts on “How To Block Time-Wasting Websites And Get Things Done”

  1. As usual you give us ways to get work done! Even to remind us to get work done!!
    Now where is that off switch for these emails?… lol!!!
    Phil Tozer

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