A HQ Screencast with NO software?

I thought you would like this. This is another tip:

How to create a High-Quality Screencast WITHOUT installing any software [FREE method]

You might have noticed that I do a lot of screencasts these days. Now you probably know that the best software to do screencasts is Camtasia, but since it’s a pretty high ticket software (around $300), I was looking for a free alternative when I came accross Screenr.


Screenr is an amazing online screencast capture software. To use it, simply go to Screenr, click on “Record” and you are good to go! How easy could that be?

When you are done recording, click on “Done” and you will be able to publish and download your screencast to your desktop.

The only downside with Screenr is that your video can be no more than 5 minutes long. A quick workaround if you are trying to do a 20 minute video for instance is to split your video into four short 5 minutes parts.

Update: The technique below is obsolete! Simply go to Youtube, click on upload and then ‘record’ to record yourself, it’s way easier!

Now let’s say you wanted to record a video of yourself with Screenr, so that you can publish it online instantly. The first thing you want to do is to download a copy of Manycam (free – http://www.manycam.com/) and run Manycam. Your webcam will be activated and you will be able to see yourself on screen.

Now go to Screenr, click on “Record” and open Manycam. Reduce your Screenr window size so that it fits Manycam and start recording your video straight away!

So here you go, I have showed how to create a screencast or a video of yourself using only free methods. Hope you liked this quick tip, if you have any questions about this method let me know and I will do my best to help you.


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  1. I’ve been hunting high quality blogs with awesome content for about a year now and my biggest question is: Why haven’t I come across your site just now? Your articles here are so informative and straight to the point. I will recommend this blog to my friends in Facebook. Thanks again Bertand :o)

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