Adsense VS Product Launches? [VIDEO]

Ok so if you remember yesterday we talked about product launches: now to me, this is one of the best way to build a long term business. Understand your market, create a product, do a launch, count your money, and rinse-and-repeat!

Now let’s put a worthy contestant to this system: the old school Adsense method. Create a website, SEO the hell out of it, stick some ads, tweak ad placement to improve conversion, and rinse-and-repeat!

So the what is the best long term business approach out of these two?

Here is my take – Click PLAY below, it’s a 5 minutes video of me talking you through Adsense VS Product Launches 🙂

2 thoughts on “Adsense VS Product Launches? [VIDEO]”

  1. I like your idea. But bear in mind that you are an original and you actually create your own products. 99% of the time when you sign an optin form the webmaster will send you the same old marketing items that everyone else sends. The reason I like your site and open your emails is because you create new products and opening your email can lead to a good surprise. The moment you stop creating new products and start sending affiliate products I will leave your list. Do you understand the difference?

    PS I love your accent.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Noo!

    I do try to bring value to the table
    with the things I find of use in my
    own business. I do perfectly get
    what you mean.

    Very glad u like it!

    Stay tuned, more great tips coming
    your way,


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