How to Organise Your Outsourcing [VIDEO + MINDMAP]

Alright so as you know our goal as internet marketers is to make money online but also to gradually free ourself from work altogether (at least from my point of view).

It’s way too common for us to spend 100 hours working on our business every week, and finally lose track of why we were doing this in the first place.

So in order to spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing what we love it is essential that we outsource some of the repetitive tasks we have to do daily.

In this video I am going to talk you through the extremely simplistic organisational chart I use myself for creating and ranking websites. I have been using this exact system for the past 10 months now. I lost a lot of money refining and tweaking this system, but now that everything goes smooth I am really thankful to know that while I’m out there holidaying my business is still working for me.

Note: The video ends rather abruptly (sorry), here is what it should say:

“I think it’s important to start putting some system of place once you know what you’re doing with your online business.”

I have tons of resources about outsourcing I’d like to share with you if you are interested by this aspect of online marketing. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, if you’d like me to clarify any points so that I can shoot a video about it in the next couple of days.

To your outsourced business,

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16 thoughts on “How to Organise Your Outsourcing [VIDEO + MINDMAP]”

  1. Hi Bertrand,
    Thanks for the video, it really helps to put everything in perspective.
    I am not yet in a position to outsource so much because I am relatively new to IM. However, I realised early on that the most efficient way to progress and be successful to is to use outsourcing as much as possible. The work involved is just too much for one person.

    I am currently looking to outsource the backlinking to my sites. Are there any sources you would recommend that would provide various types of links?

    I was looking at a few backlinking providers this week and to be honest, there were so many, I got confused and just got a headache!
    So any advice would be most appreciated.

  2. I been saw the need for such an outsourcing as this and fantasized back in the day how relaxing it would be to have a team in place to accomplish these tedious tasks, but the money to pay those employees is the thing! Now I understand from this video that these are not employees in the traditional sense and I have came across all the eLance and Fiverr recommendations but frankly there’s no real way to keep account for their work as I have already got frauded by Fiverr gigs so where is the TRUSTWORTHY place to go and what are the EXACT costs involved to get work done??

    John Reese recently came out with a full program at outsourceforce dot com to teach all this in detail but he wants $497 for it LOL!!

  3. Hi Bertrand,

    I would like to know more about the link building list you use to outsource your backlinks. I was wondering where you find these to give to the linkbuilding expert to use and if you only use 1 person to build backlinks for all your websites.


  4. Hey well we usually research backlinks using a software called Backlinks Cloner and also do some research using Traffic Travis Pro. And yes I use one person to build backlinks, but full time monday to friday.

    Hope this helps,

  5. My question is if you look for an outsourcer to do keyword research, if they are finding profitable keywords what is stopping them building a site themselves. ie. why should they work for you to build it?

  6. @ Sheyi
    Sorry i didnt write a transcript for that one, since there seems to be some interest about outsourcing Ill send more resources and make sure to have a transcript ready next time : )

    @ Annabel
    Im not sure about external providers.. personally i rather have my own team workin for me, this allows me to monitor my costs and if needed offer these same services to offline businesses. Last time i tried to hire a ready made package was over a year ago with Matt Laclear from the WF, might want to check him out

    there is no real way to find trustworthy workers other than have a very thorough screening process and provide exact instructions to your outsourcers. One of the biggest mistake i made earlier on was to hire the first provider that responded to my job listings on odesk and elance. It never works that way. You got to prescreen people and go through at least 2 interviews to separate the time wasters from the serious workers. It takes time but its well worth it in the long run imho.

    nothing is stopping them from building a site, only that they are costs associated with building and ranking a new site so most of them will rather work for a wage than build their own businesses.. same is for regular office jobs.. most people are happy as long as they get paid every thursday and rather have the comfort of a regular wage VS the uncertainty of their own business.. this said eventually some will quit and start their own things, but such is the nature of business i guess. so as long as u keep good relations with ur workers and ensure that they re happy and paid they ll stick with u..

  7. merci for your inside look to be the business owner with setting up an organization to have it running hands off. Look forward to more insights.Sounds like the way to go to me.

    Good luck with your new Business in Montreal.

  8. Hi Bertrand thanks for all your support its great to have your email. I would like to thank Daryl for his question and your answer.

    I am aware that you mention when you outsource to odesk etc, to do 2/3 interviews.
    What are the questions to ask them besides how long u have been working or background, who are your clients.

    Thank you

  9. @Scott
    One of my key mentors was Tristan Bull, unfortunately his coaching program is now closed as he moved on to other ventures. I also learned a lot from JV partnerships.

    @BJ and Rheel,
    Thanks guys! Since there seems to be some interest about outsourcing I am going to release a couple more videos about how to hire the right people for your biz. I think this is going to answer your questions.

  10. Hi Bertrand,

    Very good so you employ 5 guys based in India. How much is the outlay for that? What other costs are involved to start seeing a monthly income? …and what are the expectations?

  11. Hey Peter, yes it would be great if u can send me ur contact in the Phillipines, it might come handy in the future..

    regarding the accounting behind it, it s kind of behind the scope of this post, ill have to shoot another vid to detail how to recoup it financially.. what i can tell u for now is that i must have spent several $1000s before i got it workin all smooth and makin a profit.

    thanks to everyone for the feedback!

  12. Hi bertrando

    Thank you for your sharing

    I have a question without links with your topic

    What’s the plugin you use to introduce the pop up when article is ending?

    Thank you also


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