What are your goals for November?

Hey so as usual at the beginning of each month I do myself a little 4 weeks action-plan and I give myself clear objectives.. Do you?

Having clear GOALS to aim for is probably the best tip I ever got.. Since July this year every month I decided on what I wanted to achieve, and everytime I REACHED my goals!

For example:

July => I decided to get my first WSO out by August. It was a big flop but I got it out there (which was a big step for me)!

August => I wrote down that I will get 1000 subscribers in the IM niche and in the Learn Jamaican niche by September 1st.. I did!

September => I decided I will reach 3000 subs in both niches again.. I did it by September 30th!

October (last month) => I wrote down that I will DOUBLE all my lists size in every market I am in.. For some niche this meant going from 20 to 40, while for other it meant going from 3,000 to 6,000.. and guess what.. I DID IT!

My big brother told me once that you got to WRITE DOWN YOUR OBJECTIVES, otherwise it’s like navigating on the open sea without a map..

Since I decided to stop messing around and write down all my goals and DON’T SETTLE until I get where I want to be I was able to:

-quit my job
-double my income
-become financially free

So for the month of November, here is my statement..

“I am going to DOUBLE my income by December 1st.”

Since you are here to hear my goal, I want to do the same for you and hear
your goal to..

Think about it one second, write it down and let me know:

What is your MAIN goal for the month of November?

Where do you want your business to be by December 1st?

If you can answer and write down these questions then you are in for a hell of a ride 🙂

To your infinite success,

2 thoughts on “What are your goals for November?”

  1. Hi Bertrand

    First thanks for a very nice blog and all the freebies very exciting to go through and implement

    *My objective for November will be to put content on my 30 domains and getting them indexed and putting adsense on them and installing google analytics. And hopefully get some income from it too. 🙂

    Very good idea to write about your monthly objectives so I´ll keep you informed on this blog if I can reach my goal for this month….

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