2012 is YOURS

Alright so today, instead of talking about me let’s do something different and talk about YOU for a change…

Too many times us as marketers can make the mistake of engaging in a one-way conversation. What’s the fun in it? How better would we feel if we constantly communicated with our visitors in any niche we might be in?

For a starting point, as part as the Mind Warrior WSO launch this Friday morning, let’s run together a community experiment where we share some of our experiences together.

The objective is that if we see that many people are in the same situation we are in, we can feel like we are not ALONE. I remember that when I was starting up I was alone with my PC thinking it was ‘me against the world’, while we are thousands (if not millions) in the same business.

So today I wanted to ask you:

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#0099cc”]What are the top 3 things you are going to achieve with your online business in 2012?[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

It doesn’t have to be massive projects, it can be things you have been planning to do for a while but you haven’t had a chance to achieve just yet.

Way to formulate it: “in 2012 I am going to /make my first $1000 a month online/start a new email list/create my first website …”

By writing it down you will turn your goals into self-fulfilling prophecies (trust me, it works)!

This exercise will fit perfectly with an awesome free gift I’ll be sending you tomorrow. It’s going to be a GREAT year for you.

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#0099cc”]It’s your turn: share YOUR goals in the comments section below.[/headline_arial_small_centered]

21 thoughts on “2012 is YOURS”

  1. For 2012 I am going to:
    make my first $100 a month with Adsense starting in March
    stop spending so much time on the forums!
    cover my mortgage by the middle of the year with money I make online!

    Thanks so much!

  2. In 2021 I am going to publish my first ebook (about lactose free living), make my first 1.000 $ online and create another ebook for empowering happy moms!

  3. This is a great suggestion. Affirmations do work. The beginning of this year I started to read a 2 page affirmation. Lots of good stuff about feeling good, successful etc… looking forward to the future. I was not in a good place back then. I didn’t look forward to the future.

    One day after reading that several times a day I had this thought pop into my head, “I’m excited about my future” and I “felt” excited.

    So, this is a wonderful post Bertrand. I’m going to Tweet it and maybe swipe your idea here and post it to my Netwoozy blog giving you credit of course. 😉

  4. Hi Betrtrand,

    in 2012 I am going to start my first email list and I hope to make more than the last year.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Kindest regards

  5. In early 2012 I’m going to dispense with my day job completely.

    I also intend to consolidate my offline business which has just begun.

    By mid 2012 at least 40% of my time will be free from direct work commitments.

    Ian McLaren

  6. In 2012 I am going to create a £500 a month passive income stream from adsense, clickbank and offline lead generation websites. I can earn $1000 a month doing active hours for clients for SEO, but I want to get it so that I have that coming in passively and the other work just adds in on top.

  7. In 2012 I will :-

    1) Become self employed – leaving a good job of 16 years – and following my passion for computers & marketing.
    2) Generate enough recurring passive income by the end of the year to match my current wage – with web hosting (websites, mobile websites and Facebook Fanpages) – the setup costs I charge are a bonus 🙂
    3) Finally complete the 16 coastal tourism sites that I’ve been working on for the last few years – and generate another revenue stream from them, that again will hopefully match my current income by the end of the year.

    Big year for me – but boy am I looking forward to it 😉

  8. In very early 2012 I will finally crack that marketing “code” regarding my product and ideal customers. That key will help me come up with just the right message for any internet venues I choose to market in. That will help figure out a good landing page that my chosen copywriter will craft exquisitely. This will appeal to affiliates and we will attract just the right ones.
    Soon after that I will accept increased sales and hire more local help to fulfill more orders and expand to spas and salons. We will have more media coverage of the product, and be a roaring business by the end of 2012, which will allow us to move from NY to the midwest.
    Now off to work! Thanks Bertrando for the question.

  9. By the end of the first three months of 2012 I will:

    Sell to offline businesses helping them with online marketing.
    Increase my monthly recurring income from these businesses by $2,000.
    Diversify my passive income with Dennis Becker’s weekly $5 a day plan.

    Good timing on sending this out Bertranddo to get us ready for the new year!


  10. 3 Things to achieve in 2012…
    1. Start and push my ebay business to make me at least £5,000
    2. Concentrate on pushing high ticket affiliate schemes through good SEO rather than low value schemes in saturated markets
    3. The biggest achievement of all will be to motivate myself to do the first 2 things on the list!!!!

  11. In 2012 I am going to focus on what already working

    In 2012 I am going to invest more money in my business

    In 2012 I am going to outsource more to be able to spend more time
    with family and God

  12. At the age of 54 my successful automotive business of 13 (Yip unlucky 13) years folded. For 13 months it’s been and my laptop against the world – well not quite – I find the IM community really friendly and helpful (Once you figure out who the con artists are).
    Ah but this isn’t a history lesson – just wanted to share something that maybe more people are going through.

    Objectives for 2012:
    Build recurring income from local businesses through:
    Mobile ‘site design
    Optimized web design
    Facebook business pages
    Google places
    Oh… and with all that… Learn how to outsource
    Financial objective will be $6000 before Dec 2012

  13. Excellent Bertrando,
    1. Keep going with my JV deals, consulting and earn $10000 + per month (have $30000 in bank account by 31/03/2012)
    2. Write 3 books (The Audio Signal Path (nearly finished), Working in the Creative Industries for Sound Engineers and Sound Designers, and Home Recording Studio Design.)
    3. Move my business to the Far East. (Mid January, when my current clients will hopefully be happy with my work allowing me to move)

  14. Hi All. Morris well done with the mobile site. This is what I am focusing on at the moment. Mobile is the way forward.

    I always set goals they are in one year goals, three year goals, five year and ten year. In the one year goal I break them down into smaller chunks eg monthl/weeklyy setting smaller target to reach that main target. The important thing about goals is that you must do something each day to reach that goal eg if your goal was to get a mortgage, you would on day 1 search for best deals, day 2 call the brokers, day 3 have meeting etc… in this way you remain focused/disciplined. It is best to see you goals at least twice a day in the mornining and at night. Which enables the subconcious to do its thing!

    I always carry my goals with me in my wallet and look at them daily. If you want more information on goal setting check out Brian Tracy who is excellent on goal setting.

    2012 is going to me a Fantastic year for me… I have set a financial goal, health/fitness goal, business goal, community/giving back goals,

    Thank you all, and may well all have a great 2012 🙂


  15. Will you be pushing, discovering, challenging, laughing, loving right up to December 2012 – just like you must continue to do right now and every day you are alive? If not, you are dead in your new shoes already! Happy Holidays everyone.

  16. Hi Bertrand,
    I have just published my third ebook so my goal for 2012 is to make each of them generate at least $1000 a month in revenue.
    I also want to write 3 more – I love writing!
    Happy Thanksgiving……

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