Today I Quit My Job at Google (repost from Sept. 30th)

You may not know it but I have been working at Google in the Google Maps department 45 hours a week between November 1st 2010 and September 30th 2011.. while at the same time managing VAs, doing SEO, growing my list, creating IM products, etc.

It’s been a ride!

Bertranddo has been my Google username since Oct 1st 2010, and I went on to use it in my IM ventures, hence the site

Anyhow so how has it been working for Google for 11 months?

Me on the left, don’t mind my friend with the shades on, he’s a poser 🙂

On one hand, pretty awesome! Those stories about free unlimited foodtable tennis during the breaks and bean bags and very large sofas everywhere are not made up..

Google really cares about its employees and try to make sure you really enjoy your time at the office (did I mention free beers on fridays?)

I mean they even built a shower room here!? How mad is that?

The people at Google are very clever peops but at the same time they are extremely laid back. I mean the average age group is like in their late 20s all with Masters degrees +.

You can pretty much do ANYTHING you want (take breaks, watch youtube, walk around the office, chat with anyone) during the day. The dresscode is rather funny too (‘you have to wear something’).

I’ve come to work here in jogging pants more than once 🙂

No one is going to bother you, there is no ‘management’, no ‘BOSS’, just you and your targets. Yes you do have clearly defined targets and objectives and this what makes Google the powerhouse it is. Googlers work like crazy.

And I think that’s a good thing I have taken from here. The idea at Google is to shy on NO expenses in order to ease your day at work.

But the reason you get all these perks is that you are expected to work hard, and that’s a very good ethics in my books.

“Work hard, play harder” is truly Google’s ethos, and I respect them for this.

This is surely something I have learnt here and will take with me in the future.

This said, on the other hand, working for someone else, whether it’s one of the most admired company in the world or not, is still working for someone else.

I have spent 11 months building Google’s business, in exchange for a wage yes, but in return I gave away my precious time on this earth.

Additionally, as much as Google Maps (Places in the US) is an exciting project, this is NOT my passion. It’s Google’s. Now it’s time to work on what I like doing, which is IM.

In the words of Philip Green

“You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen”.

So today I am happily leaving Google with nothing but my best wishes to all the people making this company what it is today.

Google has inspired me to move to greater heights in my own business while not sacrificing the human aspect and the fun in life.

Btw, I think Google is recruiting now 🙂

To your success,

One thought on “Today I Quit My Job at Google (repost from Sept. 30th)”

  1. Hi Bertrand

    Thanks for this personal story.

    I’m a good bit more than “Late 20s” and have no master’s degree but enthusiasm and inspiration is pretty infectious whatever the age.

    Your old employers got their formula right I think with what you described above; “no ‘management’, no ‘BOSS’, just you and your targets”

    One key element for me though is “work on what I like doing” and the Mr Green quote is one I like.

    I’ve loved what I’ve seen from you already and you inspire me and feed my enthusiasm.

    All the best from Scotland

    Ian McLaren

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