Secret to success

REVEALED: How Getting A ______ Allowed Me To Quit My Job and Finally Break FREE… And How YOU Can Do The Same!

True story, we have to work TOGETHER to make things happen. There is no such thing as a “self-made” man (or woman). Everyone needs help at some point.

Do you think it is possible to succeed 100% on your own? Or do you think it’s worth working with a coach or someone that helps you out? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below,

4 thoughts on “Secret to success”

  1. Hey bro nice video! I agree that we tend get too much information that can take us away from our path! I need to focus and narrow it down to the essentials. Do you have a coaching program at all?

  2. I got a coach once but I found that the support was pretty limited. All I got from my money was a member’s area with no interaction whatsoever with my “coach”. So I think this is the limit of coaching. It has to be real coaching where there is some actual communication if we want this to work.

    Great video by the way and thanks for sharing,


  3. I think is very hard to make it on your own, and it’s also not that wise to try to “reinvent the wheel”.

    But getting guidance is not equivalent with joining a coaching program.

    There are so many silly coaching programs… People just put together membership sites with all their stuff and call it “coaching program”.
    People that really know their stuff and provide coaching are very expensive.

    I think the luckiest solution is to be or become friends with someone very good in a field and ask him for help.

  4. Hi Bertrand,

    Thank you for the video. You were right in the distractions a new product can cause when they come at the wrong time. Unfortunately marketers are bombarding me with new products all day long and it does take me away from what I am trying to accomplish. I am going to start to unsubscribe to many of them.

    As far as coaching, you have pretty much been giving us all some coaching with all your videos and tips. I am very grateful for that.

    You are a giving person, and you will go very far in your business.

    Thanks again,


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