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18 months ago I became jobless for a period of 9 months between February and October 2010. I was broke, desperate and hopeless. I applied to TONS of jobs, and only got on average 1 or 2 interviews a month. My savings were disappearing fast, I stopped going out for a while and I kept to myself and sending CVs.

In October, I finally got a job contract for 12 months at Google Maps in Dublin. I was chuffed to bits because that meant that I would get some cash to spend on growing my business.  I promised to myself that WHATEVER it would take, I would never let anyone be the master of my own destiny but me and that this was going to be my LAST job ever.

I started jumping from one technique to the other, getting lost in a sea of endless information. And I got deceived by many shiny objects and false promises made by unscrupulous marketers who didn’t know more about making money online than I did!

All I wanted was to quit my job and have a little more spare time to spend with my friends and family, not to make a fortune! I was terrified of having to work in a corporate environment for the rest of my life. I remember the stories of alieanation and unhappiness that one of my uncles who has worked in a French multinational all his life used to tell me. I didn’t want to end up like him, just a mere shadow in a faceless organisation.

What I wanted was simply financial and time freedom.

So I worked at it like a mad dog, woke up early to build up my business and slept late to give it all the chances it deserved. During that year most of my weeks ran in the 100 hours, really. I almost drove myself crazy, but I wouldn’t settle till I would have reached my goal.

This is when I developed the Mind Warrior mindset.

You see when you understand that you are not satisfied with the life you are living, and you see that there is no going back to it your spirit switches to the Mind Warrior mode. And because there is no going back you simply become unstoppable.

Becoming a Mind Warrior has allowed me to have a clearer vision of my business and understand how to use content marketing to generate profits online. I wanted to share with you today what I have discovered from this new-found understanding.

You see all the products and training you might purchase are like pieces of a jigsaw we never see in its entirety. So we are like building a jigsaw but we don’t have a model to see where all the pieces fit together.

This is one of the big problem when you are starting out in my opinion. So a few months ago I sat down and I mapped out the entire jigsaw, and this is what I think is the only way to become a profitable content marketer.

Let me explain this mindmap for you!

First you got to get your mindset right! If you are not there yet, I recommend you either get a coach to kick your butt or listen to Tony Robbins “Awaken The Giant Within” until you suddenly turn into the Hulk itself.

Secondly you got to attract traffic! Traffic is the life and blood of your online business. Whether it is paid traffic, SEO, social media, press releases or offline advertising (flyers, postcards), you must master your traffic generation techniques. Now traffic and shitty content don’t mix well. You need to create KILLER content to make the most out of your traffic.

Third, you need to drive that traffic to a platform that you control. This can be your website, or alternatively a third party platform like Youtube or Facebook. Anywhere that you can push a link to an optin page would do. Your website is not a mere pretty thing: it should be an entire system that allows you to turn visitors into prospects then customers, for the long run.

Fourth you got to convert your visitors into prospects, by funneling them through a squeeze page (or popup). You must always work at improving your conversion rates (all across your system) in order to grow your business at a faster rate.

Once you get subscribers (aka prospects) you must 1) build a relationship with them and 2) send them some good content to keep your audience interested in your message.

Next you can start monetising your list traffic by sending offers via emails. These can be offers to affiliate products, it can be CPA offers or ideally it can be your own products and/or services. Use social media to maintain the relationship going with your customer base. Don’t use every social networks because everyone says so.

Finally you should always reinvest a portion of your profits in traffic generation! If you make a $1000 online, always make sure to reinvest at least half of it in getting more traffic, more subs and therefore more sales!

Study this mindmap and process until it makes sense to you. I hope it will be as useful to you as it’s been to me and you will be able to see where your efforts and the products you buy fit within the big picture, which is creating a long term business online!

To your long-term success,


Download the How To Really Make Money Online mindmap (open it then right-click and save as on the next page)

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P.P.S. Tomorrow I will send you something very cool (hint: it’s going to be all about YOU..)

30 thoughts on “How To Really Make Money Online”

  1. Well done Bertrand, excellent article, not only a celebration to your success but a fantastic reminder to everyone about working with a proper mindset.

  2. This is a nice post and summarizes in my opinion the typical IM’er experience. It is kind of funny how once you are in you run from product to product and info to info looking for that big break. I don’t do it as much as I use to but as I look on it I now must say that it happens because people are not confident in what they are doing and are looking to run the race that someone else is promoting they have ran in hopes of obtaining the same results. Everything great in life happens over a span of time. May you have great success and thanks for the email to see this page.

  3. Bertrand, You hit the nail smack on the head, it is our own mind that is our biggest enemy, and the reason so few actually go on to succeed online. Overcoming the barrage of emails and focusing on what really makes a difference, is what separates the Warriors from the crowd.

    You are a real inspiration.
    God Bless
    Jimmy G

  4. Hi Bertrand,

    I really like this post about mindset and desperation. Everybody has their own words for it and that’s always great to read.

    Many people possibly don’t succeed because they are not desperate enough and therefore stay in their comfort zones, just dabbling in things halfheartedly.

    But hey … these same people are also buying all those products! So let’s be gentle to them 😉

    All the best,


  5. Hey Jason,

    Yes you made a great point about not being desperate enough.. I think Tony Robbins mentioned it, he calls it the ‘reason why’, the drive that pushes you to do things. I guess it’s up to everyone to find it within themselves. I think I ve been lucky to listen to the right kind of message, by reading guys like Steve Pavlina, Tim Ferriss and Robert Kiyasaki since I didnt have that kind of inspiration around me..

    Thanks everyone for all your comments, its really inspiring,

  6. This was very inspiring sometimes when everything else fells we have to take matters in our own hand. I tell you whati have been running my own offline business for years for this very same reason.

    I wanted to spend more time with my family and have more time for God .
    Nice email keep it coming and much success to you

  7. The thing I like about Bertrand is that he is the only IMer (of the ones I receive e-mails from, at least) who tries to connect with his list. Sure, he promotes other people’s products (it’s his job!), but then there’s also posts and e-mails like these where he delivers valuable information. I can fully relate to this post, as I am currently jobless, running out of money and desperately trying to make a living from IM. A while ago, Bertrand took the time to talk to me over Skype for 30 minutes about list building. Now THAT’s inspiring! And a good example of how to connect with your “followers”. The information above pretty much resumes all there is to IM.

    Thank you, Bertrand, for being different. 😉

  8. Forgot to mention one thing. After reading this post, This is what I wrote Bertrand on Skype:

    “Thanks for your last e-mail. VERY inspiring indeed! In fact, so much so, that I finally took a decision. I have to start building a list. No more struggling with other things, the list has got to be a priority now. You are saying this all the time and so are others. The thing that has stopped me from doing it so far was/is fear of not being able to keep up to the responsibility.”

    Now it’s time to take action. It’s all in your mind.

  9. Thanks Antonio, highly appreciated : ) u made a great decision on starting ur list and im sure ull b very successful at it!

    btw anyone on skype my id is “omassore” and im always up for a chat!


  10. I don’t know why you continue to create these very informative sites but….please don’t stop!! I need you to continue for several reasons;
    1. Your information appears to be very direct, true, and real.
    2. I need more time to ensure that you are not another of the online GURUS looking for some money.

    Seriously, your efforts are appreciated…
    Thank You.

  11. Hi Bertrand,

    Yours is one of the lists I dont think I will unsubscribe to! You offer so much great information and value I look forward to your emails. Kepp up the great work, posts like this are why you are living your dream. Hopefully we all can too!!

  12. You always have great information…
    It can be save a lot of time to solve my jigsaw problems,
    hopes your next info to be clue for another part
    Keep up to share…
    Wawan – Bali

  13. My story is very similar except that my beginning was worse. I am embarrassed to admit that I got involved with some scam artists who sold me into Emerald Passport then disappeared. Welcome to the internet. I am still jumping around too much from product to product but I have learned so much that I feel I can sell my services to offline business. I really like this post about mindset. Keep it coming!

  14. We constantly hear a lot of crap nowadays on how to make money online, but this map you have drawn out is exactly what it all truly boils down to! You have to build a list and continuously drive traffic to it..

    ..and I have found the best method for driving traffic to a list building mechanism -so far- is to BUY solo ads. Sure SEO is important in order to maintain some sort of search engine presence, but lets be real, we want targeted traffic NOW and paying for it (especially paying for an endorsement to somebody elses already well kept list) is a fast way to do it 😉

  15. Bertrand, thank you for all suggestions and inspirations you wrote to us. I think it was one of my wisest decision to subscribe to your list, because your information are pure gold to me.

  16. Thanks for all the comments everyone, Caleb made a great point about solo ads, in my experience they do provide the best value for building a list in most niches.. buying traffic, if you can afford it is definitely the way to go..

    Im going to be doing something very special tomorrow and ask for all ur input. Stay tuned, its going to be a crazy experiment!


  17. Thanks very much for your post. It was very informative. I am at where you were and will follow your diagram.


  18. Hi Bertranddo, I have read several of the articles on your Blog; I appreciate the motivational tips and helpful information you provide. Thank you for the FREE Internet Marketing tools, you give to the members of your list. I wish you much continued Success…..

  19. Thanks. Just what I need after a long day. Sigh…can be quite frustrating when you do not see much results after all the SEO works..patience…..

  20. Hey Bertrand,

    Thanks for the mindmap. It is always nice when someone can simplify the process and keep it sensible. I’ve seen some outrageous mindmaps from some of the most popular gurus out there that look like a circuit board schematic and they can be very intimidating to say the least. It almost makes you want to run the opposite direction. I also agree with the information overload factor that we all seem to face when looking for the next best thing when we are really just trying to stay ahead of the game. I also think that anyone that wants to earn a living online is and must always be aware of the never ending changes constantly occurring on the internet and how we absolutely must keep up with it or get left behind. Even on a mindmap such as yours, you have to agree that there is a lot to master in each section. If you are not careful, paid traffic can break you before you even get out of the gate and SEO concepts that used to work last year are now inadequate in most respects. And now, Google’s algorithm changes are forcing us to become more “social” if we want our site to be seen, which almost seems to be the exact opposite for those of us that want to leave the hustle and bustle of the corporate and urban world behind. But your mindmap is certainly very helpful in reassuring the rest of us that some principles never change. Look forward to seeing more from you!

  21. Bertrand set up the system the way it was meant to be. He uses the fundamentals that have been deliberately diluted by the so called gurus for some time.

    There is so much misinformation out there that many people keep on jumping from one internet business model to the next without making any progress in their quest to become trully business owners.

    If you follow the Bertrand’s system you will be able to make it. This is the same system I and many people I know have been using for quite some time.

    If I was starting now I would follow his system to the tee!

  22. hi,

    Thank you I got 2 Sales in my video marketing in youtube after applying all the technique,
    this is my first 2 sale in my IM,

    sincerely yours

  23. Hi Bertrand,
    I’m already a fan of yours but right now I want everyone to know that I received your ‘Hey Bro’ email offering your help with any problem I had in IM ‘no strings attached’. You came back in 48hrs with the exact solution. I am so pleased and impressed. You genuinely took the time to help….
    Many thanks.

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