Are you going to finish strong?

So today’s reality check is about failure… You know that good old feeling that you screw up somehow, and things are not working the way it should. Maybe you are struggling to make your first dollars online? Or you want to help your loved one financially but can’t seem to hit the big bucks idea?

Failure is part of the learning curve. Fail and learn from your mistakes. And never ever give up.

Probably the best advice I ever got.

Here is a little video to remind ourselves that whatever we set our mind to we can achieve.

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Have a great day,


6 thoughts on “Are you going to finish strong?”

  1. Bertrando, this is a Excellent video. It moved me… but the picture cannot be more than the thruth. We are not persistent and committed to what we set out to do. We fail because of the lack of belief that we can do it hence we fail. I am going to share it we all my friends.

    Joe, Toronto, Canada

  2. Have a great day and future Bertrand

    I must admit that I was touched to tears by this amazing motivational video.

    What a lovely and wonderful man he is.

    And what an incredible delivered message.

    Thanks for this video.

    Will definitely save it forever.


    Take Care
    Raymond Cassius Sananda

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