How To Rank On Page #1 Of Google In 6 Minutes (Really!)

Who said you had to work hard to get page #1 rankings?

Last friday I again replicated one my favourite technique which consists of grabbing page 1 rankings with the least effort possible.

After 6 minutes I reached the number 3 spot on page one, and 24 hours later I was sitting comfortably at #1 with a video that I recorded in 6 minutes.

Today I want to show you how you can achieve the same kind of results for yourself.

Watch the video now for the full story,


Edit: time in the video shows 31 min ranking, mea culpa. Wrong screenshot, but u get the idea..

How To Dominate Google With Reviews In 2 Easy Steps

Over the past year, microdata have become increasingly important on Google. In fact it just seems that website owners who are actively using microdata have an unfair advantage on the SERPs.

Let me take a simple real life example. A few days ago I was looking up reviews for a product and I got these results on Google.

In the old days I would probably have gone straight for the first post. But what happened instead? I went all the way to the bottom and the guy with the review stars showing up got my click.

This brought me to this reflection: even though you may not be #1 on the SERPS by adding a rating system you may be able to snatch some visitors from the top ranking websites.

Combine this with adding your pic on Google and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

This technique is particularly suited for Amazon sites and any type of affiliate marketing websites.

Make sure to watch the video above for the step-by-step.

Very cool stuff,

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WP Customer Review

Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool


How To Get Your Face On Google (For Free)

OK so as you might have noticed since the introduction of Google+ the SERPS are getting kind of social, with faces popping up here and there.

Now for a while I thought this Google Serps image trick might be reserved for some ‘elite’ kind of marketers, not for the mere mortals like us..

That’s until I saw some random people getting their pics in search. So I started investigating.

For instance if you search for “SEO review” this is what you will get:

But first… Why would you want to have your pic up in the SERPS besides for satisfying your own cyber-vanity?

1. Greater click-throughs
The power of images over text needn’t be demonstrated again. I am currently running tons of ads on Facebook and PlentyOfFish, and I can assure you that one image tweak can easily triple your click-through and conversions. So if Google allows to get your image in the SERPS, go get it (and feel free to test different images!).

2. Increased branding and following
Having a pic of you on Google can help you brand yourself as some kind of expert. You might even get people clicking on your name and checking out your Google+ profile. I have found that since I got my pic on Google I actually got more followers on my (rather inactive) Google+ profile.

So how do you do you get your face on Google?

Actually the process is incredibly simple. Here is a step-by-step.

1. Go to and input your Google + URL in the first box.
Choose the small button size and copy the output code (in the big box).

2. Go to your website and paste the code you got from step 2 in your html, before the </head> closing tag:

3. Go to Google Plus, click on your pic to jump to your profile and then click on “Edit your profile” (big blue button in the top right hand corner). Now click on ‘Contributors to’ and add your website here.

That’s it! Now go to this test tool (optional) and enter your website URL to make sure your image will be displayed properly.

Wrapping up

It took exactly 4 days for my pic to appear on Google SERPS on my test site, and since it’s gotten there I have experienced a net increase in visitors.

I haven’t done any other simultaneous promotion so I attribute this solely to my author pic showing in the SERPS.

I definitely recommend you take 5 mintues of your time today to follow the 3 easy steps above and get your pic on the SERPS. Please also note that you can appear as an author to as many sites as you want.

As a final note I just wanted to point that using this technique is not going to help your online privacy, so if you are a notorious member of Anonymous or your name is on the FEMA list then you might want to skip this one…

Let me know in the comments below if you need any further help implementing this technique,


3/3/2012 Update: Someone asked about it and yea it’s possible to change your profile image. It will be instantly reflected on the SERPS (tried and tested)!

How to Index Your Site in 24 Hours or Less [SCREENCAST]

Once you have completed your site, the first thing you might want to do is to get it indexed. I have tested various indexing strategies, and I’d like to share this one with you.

In this video I am going to show the 6 action steps you can do in 20 minutes to index your site fast! This tutorial is a re-post from my OnpageSEONinja training which I’ll soon open freely to all 🙂

Click play to start the video (lenght is an easy 4 minutes)

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[membership_download_item_txt link=”” + target=”_self”]List of 10 RSS Feed Aggregators[/membership_download_item_txt]

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

Google Webmaster Tools

Submit your sitemap to the main search engines

Submit your site to Profit Instruments Quick Index Tool


Stumble Upon


33% Speed Increase [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Page speed is some kind of esoteric topic in the IM community, yet it is one of the ranking factors which will affect your position in the SERPS. Additionnally, if your website is slow you can be sure that you will lose tons of visitors who are not patient enough to wait for your page to load.

According to the BBC, the average attention span for a visitor is 9 seconds. Does your website load fast enough?

In this live case-study, you will see how I increased my website speed by 33% in 15 minutes using 3 simple free plugins; you can pause this video as I go and do the steps yourself, you will definitely see INSTANT results 🙂

Enjoy and take action.

Note: Click on the Full Screen icon to watch this vid in HD.

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Pingdom Tools

Google Page Speed Online

WP Super Cache

WP Smush.It

WP Minify


The Google Sandbox Getaway [SCREENCAST]

Yesterday I sent an email offering my help and I got a very good response from everyone, asking me advice on how to rank websites, improve conversion rates and such. Over the next week I will do a couple of tutorials in direct response to these emails, and if you have more questions feel free to hit the ‘reply’ button anytime 🙂

Now unto today’s topic. The ‘legendary’ Google Sandbox is the dreaded place no webmasters wants to be: being sandboxed feels like like Google slapped you in the hand and forced you into the naughty chair (only thing is you don’t necessarily know what you’ve done wrong).

I have shot this video for you below discussing what the Google Sandbox is and how I got out of it in 8 weeks.

Let me know in the comments if your site ever got sandboxed, and if you managed to get your rankings back.

Update 30+ Social Bookmarking Sites With 1 Click

Social bookmarks are probably the easiest way to give some quick SEO juice to your website or other web properties within your SEO wheel. I have used a number of paid softwares for this purpose myself (Bookmarking Demon, SENukeX, Magic Submitter, etc.) but here again it seems that ‘the best things in life are free’. is a free social bookmarking service which allows you to post an update across 30+ social bookmarking sites such as Facebook , Twitter, Friendfeed, Delicious and Typepad to cite a few.

In the following video, I show you how you can post to all these social bookmarking sites in 1 click thanks to I’ll also show you where to get your social bookmark accounts created.

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Fiverr Gig for Ping Account Set Up


Submit Your Site to 17 RSS Feeds in Seconds [VIDEO]

RSS submits are a pretty efficient way to get your site ranking high on the search engines. Once you submit your site or blog to a RSS directory, you will get a new backlink from this directory everytime you update your site. So if your site has been submitted to 17 directories (like I’m about to show you), posting a new blog update will instantly generate 17 backlinks.

Now I am very excited to share this FREE and incredible RSS tool today with you: if you haven’t submitted your site to a RSS feed directory yet, I really advise you follow this tutorial and take 2 minutes to submit your site.

Note: Click on “Play in HD” in the video to enjoy this in full screen HD.

Here is the code to get the RSS Feed of any Youtube video: USERNAME HERE/uploads?orderby=updated&vq=YOUTUBE VIDEO TITLE HERE

P.S. if your site doesn’t have a feed URL, you can use Feedburner to create it 🙂

P.P.S. This is very powerful if you are trying to promote a Youtube video: try it for yourself.

Update: I have just found this other free RSS directories submitter, it says it submits to 27 directories but I haven’t tested it yet. Let me know if you do try it out!

Get High Quality Backlinks from Software Submission Websites [VIDEO]

Getting high quality backlinks to your site is critical to improving your rankings on the search engines, which is a precondition to increasing your website earnings (high rankings=traffic=money!).

Pad submission (also known as ‘software submissions’) are great backlinks comming from High PR software directories websites similiar to CNET, brothersoft, etc.

I created this little 6 part tutorial to show you how to easily create your own software and submit it to about 300 software sites in about 20 minutes. I talk you through the entire set-up and process, so I recommend you pause the video now and then to perform the steps yourself.

Everytime I tried this technique on any of my sites I saw a ranking increase usually within 5 to 10 days.

Click play on the first video below and watch how to get powerful backlinks from software directories now. (note: use the accordion tabs on the right to jump to the next video)

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Disclaimer: the first link to PadSubmitWorker is an affiliate link, if you choose to purchase through my link I will get a commission. You decide if I deserve it 🙂

I had great results with it myself, hence the reason why I am sharing it with you today.

=> Get Pad Submit Worker

=> Download Jigsway Puzzle Promo Creator

=> Download FileZilla

Here are some other Pad submission softwares I haven’t tried myself.  These are not affiliate links since I have no clue how good they really are.



Advanced Bulk Pad Submitter

Free PAD Submit (35 submissions only)

One thing to add: some of these do not necessarily include the Pad creation part (unlike PadSubmitWorker) and may only include the Pad submission function (this means you may need to create your own pad file with Padgen3 first of all) . The end results will be the same, it might simply take a little more time.


Please share your results with this technique and let me know if you have any questions!


[STEAL THIS] 200% website speed increase in 5 minutes [VIDEO]

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#000000″]Faster Website = Better Rankings. Watch me show you how I improved my website speed by 200% in 5 minutes![/headline_arial_large_centered]

Update: I created a new screencam with a live case-study about page speed here.

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Pingdom Tool (website speed test)

W3 Total Cache (cache your sites)

WP Smuch (compress your images)


Hope you like this,