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REVEALED: How Getting A ______ Allowed Me To Quit My Job and Finally Break FREE… And How YOU Can Do The Same!

True story, we have to work TOGETHER to make things happen. There is no such thing as a “self-made” man (or woman). Everyone needs help at some point.

Do you think it is possible to succeed 100% on your own? Or do you think it’s worth working with a coach or someone that helps you out? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below,

YOUR Cashflow Calendar

Alright so today I wanted to wish you a happy ThanksGiving and personally thank you for following my little blog.

I really appreciate all the comments and feedback I get from you daily via email, Skype or sometimes in person when we get the occasion to meet up.

I have something very special for you today, which has helped me a lot to have a clearer vision of my finances and eventually become financially free.

It’s a cashflow calendar!

[membership_downloads_box title=”Download your 2012 Cashflow Calendar here”]You may need to right-click the following links and select Save Link As to download the file to your computer

Cash Freedom 2012[/membership_downloads_box]

I have put this together over a year ago when I had made the decision to become financially free. In fact we live in a society that’s ruled by money so having a decent understanding and foresight in your personal finances is a good thing to do.

I tried to shoot a video showing you how to use this calendar at first (I actually did 3 takes!), but it looks like my mic is down so I thought I’d write this up on the blog instead. If the instructions I give below are not clear enough feel free to reply in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

First download your calendar and open it either in Excel, or alternatively you can upload it Google Docs.

What you want to do is to fill up your planned expenses and income for each month of the year. This is going to help you to see what you can realistically achieve financially and will empower you to stay focus on your goals.

I kept it very simple, but that’s voluntary: the idea is that you focus on the big picture (you can enter rough figures) not the minute details (you can always go more in depth in a separate budgeting sheet or improve on this one).

In the expenses section you will notice that there are three rows with “website/project 1, 2, 3”. This represents the expenses you might have to incur for your websites, mainly hosting costs, traffic generation and maybe web design. Money makes money so sooner or later when you make money online it will be wise to reinvest those profits in growing your money-makers.

Similarly in the Income section you can add your previsions for what you will earn from your sites. This is an amazing way to give yourself clear financial goals for your sites which you can look forward to months by months.

All the expenses add up automatically to make up the total expenses. Similarly all your income sources (salary if any, websites, and other streams of income – such as offline marketing) add up automatically.

The money in the bank row is also updated automatically and reprensents your income minus your expenses plus the previous months income. So it all adds up nicely to make 2012 a brillant year.

If you already have money in the bank by the beginning of the year, simply add up that number to the January ‘salary’ row, this way it will take into account your existing balance from the start of the year.

The idea is that you should try to project yourself financially over the next 12 months. This should take you about 20 minutes to fill up the sheet, but sincerely trust me on this just do it and you will be amazed at what you can potentially achieve in the coming year.

I hope this will as much of use to you as it’s been to me.

2012 is yours,

How To Really Make Money Online

18 months ago I became jobless for a period of 9 months between February and October 2010. I was broke, desperate and hopeless. I applied to TONS of jobs, and only got on average 1 or 2 interviews a month. My savings were disappearing fast, I stopped going out for a while and I kept to myself and sending CVs.

In October, I finally got a job contract for 12 months at Google Maps in Dublin. I was chuffed to bits because that meant that I would get some cash to spend on growing my business.  I promised to myself that WHATEVER it would take, I would never let anyone be the master of my own destiny but me and that this was going to be my LAST job ever.

I started jumping from one technique to the other, getting lost in a sea of endless information. And I got deceived by many shiny objects and false promises made by unscrupulous marketers who didn’t know more about making money online than I did!

All I wanted was to quit my job and have a little more spare time to spend with my friends and family, not to make a fortune! I was terrified of having to work in a corporate environment for the rest of my life. I remember the stories of alieanation and unhappiness that one of my uncles who has worked in a French multinational all his life used to tell me. I didn’t want to end up like him, just a mere shadow in a faceless organisation.

What I wanted was simply financial and time freedom.

So I worked at it like a mad dog, woke up early to build up my business and slept late to give it all the chances it deserved. During that year most of my weeks ran in the 100 hours, really. I almost drove myself crazy, but I wouldn’t settle till I would have reached my goal.

This is when I developed the Mind Warrior mindset.

You see when you understand that you are not satisfied with the life you are living, and you see that there is no going back to it your spirit switches to the Mind Warrior mode. And because there is no going back you simply become unstoppable.

Becoming a Mind Warrior has allowed me to have a clearer vision of my business and understand how to use content marketing to generate profits online. I wanted to share with you today what I have discovered from this new-found understanding.

You see all the products and training you might purchase are like pieces of a jigsaw we never see in its entirety. So we are like building a jigsaw but we don’t have a model to see where all the pieces fit together.

This is one of the big problem when you are starting out in my opinion. So a few months ago I sat down and I mapped out the entire jigsaw, and this is what I think is the only way to become a profitable content marketer.

Let me explain this mindmap for you!

First you got to get your mindset right! If you are not there yet, I recommend you either get a coach to kick your butt or listen to Tony Robbins “Awaken The Giant Within” until you suddenly turn into the Hulk itself.

Secondly you got to attract traffic! Traffic is the life and blood of your online business. Whether it is paid traffic, SEO, social media, press releases or offline advertising (flyers, postcards), you must master your traffic generation techniques. Now traffic and shitty content don’t mix well. You need to create KILLER content to make the most out of your traffic.

Third, you need to drive that traffic to a platform that you control. This can be your website, or alternatively a third party platform like Youtube or Facebook. Anywhere that you can push a link to an optin page would do. Your website is not a mere pretty thing: it should be an entire system that allows you to turn visitors into prospects then customers, for the long run.

Fourth you got to convert your visitors into prospects, by funneling them through a squeeze page (or popup). You must always work at improving your conversion rates (all across your system) in order to grow your business at a faster rate.

Once you get subscribers (aka prospects) you must 1) build a relationship with them and 2) send them some good content to keep your audience interested in your message.

Next you can start monetising your list traffic by sending offers via emails. These can be offers to affiliate products, it can be CPA offers or ideally it can be your own products and/or services. Use social media to maintain the relationship going with your customer base. Don’t use every social networks because everyone says so.

Finally you should always reinvest a portion of your profits in traffic generation! If you make a $1000 online, always make sure to reinvest at least half of it in getting more traffic, more subs and therefore more sales!

Study this mindmap and process until it makes sense to you. I hope it will be as useful to you as it’s been to me and you will be able to see where your efforts and the products you buy fit within the big picture, which is creating a long term business online!

To your long-term success,


Download the How To Really Make Money Online mindmap (open it then right-click and save as on the next page)

P.S. Feel free to share what you feel in the comments box below.

P.P.S. Tomorrow I will send you something very cool (hint: it’s going to be all about YOU..)

Today I Quit My Job at Google (repost from Sept. 30th)

You may not know it but I have been working at Google in the Google Maps department 45 hours a week between November 1st 2010 and September 30th 2011.. while at the same time managing VAs, doing SEO, growing my list, creating IM products, etc.

It’s been a ride!

Bertranddo has been my Google username since Oct 1st 2010, and I went on to use it in my IM ventures, hence the site

Anyhow so how has it been working for Google for 11 months?

Me on the left, don’t mind my friend with the shades on, he’s a poser 🙂

On one hand, pretty awesome! Those stories about free unlimited foodtable tennis during the breaks and bean bags and very large sofas everywhere are not made up..

Google really cares about its employees and try to make sure you really enjoy your time at the office (did I mention free beers on fridays?)

I mean they even built a shower room here!? How mad is that?

The people at Google are very clever peops but at the same time they are extremely laid back. I mean the average age group is like in their late 20s all with Masters degrees +.

You can pretty much do ANYTHING you want (take breaks, watch youtube, walk around the office, chat with anyone) during the day. The dresscode is rather funny too (‘you have to wear something’).

I’ve come to work here in jogging pants more than once 🙂

No one is going to bother you, there is no ‘management’, no ‘BOSS’, just you and your targets. Yes you do have clearly defined targets and objectives and this what makes Google the powerhouse it is. Googlers work like crazy.

And I think that’s a good thing I have taken from here. The idea at Google is to shy on NO expenses in order to ease your day at work.

But the reason you get all these perks is that you are expected to work hard, and that’s a very good ethics in my books.

“Work hard, play harder” is truly Google’s ethos, and I respect them for this.

This is surely something I have learnt here and will take with me in the future.

This said, on the other hand, working for someone else, whether it’s one of the most admired company in the world or not, is still working for someone else.

I have spent 11 months building Google’s business, in exchange for a wage yes, but in return I gave away my precious time on this earth.

Additionally, as much as Google Maps (Places in the US) is an exciting project, this is NOT my passion. It’s Google’s. Now it’s time to work on what I like doing, which is IM.

In the words of Philip Green

“You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen”.

So today I am happily leaving Google with nothing but my best wishes to all the people making this company what it is today.

Google has inspired me to move to greater heights in my own business while not sacrificing the human aspect and the fun in life.

Btw, I think Google is recruiting now 🙂

To your success,

Are you going to finish strong?

So today’s reality check is about failure… You know that good old feeling that you screw up somehow, and things are not working the way it should. Maybe you are struggling to make your first dollars online? Or you want to help your loved one financially but can’t seem to hit the big bucks idea?

Failure is part of the learning curve. Fail and learn from your mistakes. And never ever give up.

Probably the best advice I ever got.

Here is a little video to remind ourselves that whatever we set our mind to we can achieve.

Leave a comment below if this inspires you and you want to share your words of wisdom,

Have a great day,


Bosses approve of employees working from home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lately there has been a growing trend in working from home agreements. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it with Skype and a high-speed connecting you don’t really need to be in the office to work on most IT jobs. Slightly more difficult if you’re a pilot though.

Tim Ferriss is a big proponent of working from home (or wherever you want in the world), and I recently read a cool story in his book of how one man managed to take some vacations in China for 30 days without anyone noticing at the office (!?). Pretty cool IMHO.

This said here is a very nice infogrpahic I found about this very topic today. Time to ask your boss for some working days at home?