Why doubling your conversions is better (and easier) than doubling your traffic

In January of this year (2013), I attended Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversions Summit in San Francisco.

One of the major takeaway for me was that most of the times we don’t need to drive additional traffic to our websites..

.. In fact focusing our conversions only can allow us to double our business.

This may sound like a simple concept, but it actually took me a lot of time to internalize this simple concept.

Here is a practical example

For instance, let’s say that you run a blog called “How to become a better gardener”.

Now on this blog you have a popup optin form where visitors can subscribe to download a free report.

So at this point you’ll need to monitor how many visitors become subscribers, this will be your optin conversions.

After they have subscribed you may them send an email with a related offer.

Here you’ll need to keep track of your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), e.g. how many people click on your email links.

Finally on your sales page you will need to monitor your Conversion Rates, e.g. how many visitors out of 100 buy your product.


I’m sure you got the big picture by now.. So without further ado..

Let’s get technical (but not too much)

OK so in this case-scenario let’s say your numbers are the following:

– Optin conversions: 15% (15% of your website visitors subscribe to your list)

– Email CTR: 20% (20% of those visitors eventually click on an email link going to your offer)

– Conversion rates: 5% (5% of your subscribers actually purchase your offer)

Now let’s say we sell our product for $50 and every month your site receives 1000 visitors a month.

So the actual number would be:

– Optin conversions: 150 subscribers (15% of 1,000 = number of new subscribers per month)

– Email CTR: 30 clicks (20% of 140= number of people that click to see your offer)

– Sales conversions: 1.5 sales (5% of 140 = number of people who buy your product on your sales page)

So we’re roughly looking at $75/month (1.5 product sale) from this revenue stream.

The current thinking here is generally: “I need more traffic to generate more revenues”.

Or “I need to split-test my sales page and improve conversions”.

But actually there is another way to double your conversions without generating more traffic and without even remotely touching your sales page.

Split testing at the source makes sense

Now let’s say that instead of split testing our sales page, we run some optin conversions tests.

For instance we can try different call-to-actions on our optin form.

After a couple of weeks, let’s say our test allow us to increase our optin conversions from 15% to 20%.

Secondly we run some CTR test: companies like aweber allow you to send different versions of the same email in order to find out which ones performs best.

After a few weeks, our CTR test allow us to increase our CTR to 30%.

We leave the sales page as it is (no split test performed here: that’s the point of this strategy, to split test at the source).

Now let’s see what our results will look like after improving our optin conversions and our CTR only:

– Optin conversions = 200 subscribers (20% of 1000)

– CTR = 60 clicks (30% of 200)

– Sales conversions = 3 sales (5% of 60)

So with 3 sales at $50 we are now looking at $150 month from this one revenue stream. All this without driving any  new traffic to our site.

So what can we take away from this experiment?

What to take away from this post

By tweaking our option form and improving our CTR, you can double your number of sales without:

– driving additional traffic

– and split testing your sales page

In fact it often is way easier to test your optin forms (I use Pippity for my popup optins) than to testing a sales page, simply because there are a lot less variables to split test.

Bonus case study

Split test results

In March last month I was able to double my optin rates on a GIS site (very odd niche) by split testing our popup plugin:

– one variant said “Do You Like GIS? Download Our Free Arc GIS Video Training!

– the second said “100% Free Download For LinkedIn Users!”

Given that the majority of our audience comes from Linkedin, the second variant almost got a whopping 15% conversions rates  VS 8% for the regular non-targeted variant.. This mean we are now getting double the amount of subscribers with the exact same amount of traffic.

Easier than doubling your traffic right?

Let me know what you think in the comments, if you had any successful results with split testing and what do you think of this approach.
All the best,

P.S. If you feel like learning more about split testing and conversions, I highly recommend the ContentVerve and Neilpatel blog for a start!

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How To Spy On Your Unsuspecting Competition

Alright so this is a follow up to my last post which was entitled “The Death of Keyword Research”.

If you missed it I was basically saying that since you got such hard working competition, what’s the point of doing keyword research at all?

Just STEAL your competition keywords and niches!

But it goes much further than that. Today I want to introduce you to 3 awesome techniques which will allow you to discover new niches and new worlds beyond any WSOs that might come out. You can learn a lot more by actually looking at what people are actually doing rather than studying what they are writing about.

Without further ado, here is the promised video. Click on the play button to watch it now.


The Death of Keyword Research

Alright so today I wanted to spill the beans on some deadly ninja assassin technique I have been silently working on for the past 12 weeks.

I call this ‘The Death of Keyword Research”… why is that? Because once you master all the techniques I will show you this week, you won’t have to do any keyword resarch yourself… It’s much more fun when you let other people do it for you!

But actually I want to do something special this week.. I want to give you the chance to win a free copy of my upcoming WSO. To do so here is your challenge:

1. Go to Google and locate one of your niche competitors

2. Find 10 of his other websites

3. Leave a comment with your results below or email them to me at bertrand (at) bertranddo dot com.

You won’t believe what kind of crazy niches you can find using this strategy.

Now let me introduce you to the topic of professional spying, watch the video below now:

How I Failed in 2011

Alright so in IM most people are like check out how I made “insert X number of $ here” in “insert X number of days” and so on.. But really for every success story that we might come across there must be at least 10 failures behind it.

I am constantly taking MASSIVE action and trying out new things, some of them blow and work real good while others are utter failures. I usually dont talk about these a lot (not my proudest achievements) but well I hope that by learning about these you’ll avoid doing the same mistakes I did.

So here are my top 3 IM failures of 2011:

1 – Handing 40 Bucks to the Sitepoint Market owners

The Campaign:

On Boxing Day last week (one day after Xmas) I tried my hands at driving traffic to a squeeze page using the SitePoint Market place. I created a listing for a free offer (see the 3rd listing on the screenshot below) and paid a hefty $39 fee to get featured on the front page!

The Results? 

I got a grand total of 1 (yes ONE!) subscriber from this campaign. So does spending 40 bucks to get 1 sub qualify as an utter fail? I think so.

Let’s move on to the next one…

2. Making BuySellAds.com $120 Richer

The Campaign:

A friend of mine who is a pro at PPC (he’s making $5000/month) advised me to get into it… I had some experience with Buysellads (I actually made a profit from it in 2010) so I thought Ill give it another try with his help.

What we did was to set up a campaign on Buysellads promoting a iPad give-away CPA offer via Peerfly (a CPA network). We created a number of creatives (some animated, some static with various layouts) in order to improve our CTR and get a decent number of clicks (see some of the creatives below).

The campaign started around November 1st and it has now run for exactly 60 days. To be honest I already kind of lost hope on that one about 30 days ago.

The Results?

The best CTR I managed to get with this campaign was a VERY poor 0.03%CTR. In total we received about 400,000 page impressions and only 136 clicks (since the CTR was low). Here are the exact traffic and click statistics taken from my BuySellAds dashboard:

So how many of these 136 clicks converted into dollars on our CPA offers?

The grand total is 1 (yes that magic number!).

We spent about $120 over two months and made $1. Can ANYONE beat that kind of ROI?

3. Contributing $177.69 to the bottom line of my Ex-employer 

Admob is a mobile advertising platform own and operated by Google. A few months ago I got myself a WSO which claimed that you could get INSANE amount of traffic for dirt cheap from Admob, so I thought I would give it a try.

The Campaign:

The idea was to create a squeeze page, then buy traffic from Admob to drive to that squeeze. This seemed like such a good technique that I poured in over $170 in Admob in the space of a week and got quite a few page impressions.

Now if you know about PPC, having a CPC of $0.01 is extremely good! And I was chuffed to bits by the number of subs I was getting for such a low investment, see the screenshot of the two lists I grew using Admob below:

So for $177.69 I got about 657 subs. So that’s a subscriber acquisition cost of $0.28, which is amazingly good in my books.

Anyway it was going very well… Until I looked deeper into the stats.

The Results?

Ready for it? I sent a few promo emails to that list and noticed that I made NO sales every time and got a whole lot of replies from Nigeria and India (?). I went into my Aweber stats and analyzed where do these subs came from:

More than 80% of the list came from either an ‘Unknow’ country (not a good sign), Nigeria or other developing countries.

Now the problem with marketing to developing countries is that most people do not have Paypal and can’t pay online, plus Nigerian subscribers are very high maintenance (they kept on harassing me with dozens of questions or asking me for financial help for every mail I sent).

The only way to monetize this kind of list in my opinion would be to use some kind of low paying CPA ads, but I haven’t got my head around it yet as I am sure this won’t generate much revenues.

So this 630+ list is now dormant, I should delete it really but I haven’t had the courage to do so yet (it would be like admitting I have wasted $177 for nothing!).

Conclusion: Failing is GREAT!

The great thing about these failures is that now I have learnt a great deal from each of these tests. And among the failures some of my experiments worked very well and are now bringing me revenues systematically, since I have perfected some of these processes.

I think that if you are starting out in IM or not making a full-time income online it is best to have a day job, so that you can invest some of your day-job money into your IM career. This way you’ll be able to test systems until you find a way to make money out of paid traffic. Then you’ll be set for life.

While there are plenty of ways to make money out of thin air online, the good old saying “money makes money” still applies in IM. It’s far easier to make money by investing money online than to do everything without spending a dime, but that you probably already know.

I will end this post with a quote I often come back to when I feel like I am not taking enough risks and I am not ‘failing enough’ : )

‘An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a very narrow field.’ — Niels Bohr

Have an awesome New Year’s Eve,

P.S. Feel free to leave a comment about some of your own unsuccessful IM experiments of 2011 below if u had any!

The Most Undevalued Keyword [Part 2]

Following my first post on one of the most undervalued keyword, ’emergency dentist in [your city]’, here is the strategy I have borrowed from the Video Offline Assassins.

Step 1. Create a high-impact video to send to local businesses

Step 2. Gather loads of local businesses emails (for this I will use Local Cash Scraper)

Step 3. Email them your video and wait for the calls to roll in!

Looks simple enough? Well let’s say that I’m on it, I hate cold calling so I can see the beauty in this method!

For now here is the video I made, I simply followed the Video Assassin template, and with a little Powerpoint and Camtasia magic here it is. It’s a bit cheesy I admit, next time I’ll get a professional voice over artist on Fiverr 🙂

=> CLICK to PLAY the video below.

This week I am going to email this video to local dentists, as my last prospect let me down before we closed the deal (long story short, he wanted to get my site for pennies!).  I’ll make sure to let you know what results this video brings!

I also wanted to give you all the files I used to create this video but I am not in the mood to work too hard today (let’s call it lazy Sunday)! But fear not, I’ll send you all the Camtasia and Powerpoint files this Wednesday when I’m back from my short trip!

P.S. If you are not comfortable with creating your own videos, you can either hire me to do one like this for you (email me at bertrand@bertranddo.com), or get your pre-packaged email and video templates from Video Offline Assassins. Then grab some local businesses email with Local Crash Scraper and blast your emails away until the phone starts ringing!

The Most Undervalued Keyword

As promised here is a video discussing the Rent-A-Site model and what is in my opinion one of the most undervalued and overlooked keyword there is.

The Rent-a-Site model consists of the following: find a profitable local service, create a website for it, optimize it until you get daily leads, and then resell it to a local business.

I first came across it in a product called “Rent-a-Site” by Internet Marketer Jamie ‘GoGetta’ (awesome guy). And recently Craig Mako had a similar hit with his FastAttackRent WSO.

I really believe in this system, and I am currently targeting several niches in my local city, in this case Dublin. In this video I will show which secret keyword I think you should go after (today) and why this model is so powerful.

Get started and click on the play button now.