The Most Undevalued Keyword [Part 2]

Following my first post on one of the most undervalued keyword, ’emergency dentist in [your city]’, here is the strategy I have borrowed from the Video Offline Assassins.

Step 1. Create a high-impact video to send to local businesses

Step 2. Gather loads of local businesses emails (for this I will use Local Cash Scraper)

Step 3. Email them your video and wait for the calls to roll in!

Looks simple enough? Well let’s say that I’m on it, I hate cold calling so I can see the beauty in this method!

For now here is the video I made, I simply followed the Video Assassin template, and with a little Powerpoint and Camtasia magic here it is. It’s a bit cheesy I admit, next time I’ll get a professional voice over artist on Fiverr 🙂

=> CLICK to PLAY the video below.

This week I am going to email this video to local dentists, as my last prospect let me down before we closed the deal (long story short, he wanted to get my site for pennies!).  I’ll make sure to let you know what results this video brings!

I also wanted to give you all the files I used to create this video but I am not in the mood to work too hard today (let’s call it lazy Sunday)! But fear not, I’ll send you all the Camtasia and Powerpoint files this Wednesday when I’m back from my short trip!

P.S. If you are not comfortable with creating your own videos, you can either hire me to do one like this for you (email me at, or get your pre-packaged email and video templates from Video Offline Assassins. Then grab some local businesses email with Local Crash Scraper and blast your emails away until the phone starts ringing!

3 thoughts on “The Most Undevalued Keyword [Part 2]”

  1. Hey Buddy, I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks and am grateful for finding it. You provide great info for newbies like myself and unlike some, you are not constantly trying to sell products to your list. Looking forward to your successful transactions with those dentists. Pls keep us posted as I would very much like to go offline too.

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