The Most Undervalued Keyword

As promised here is a video discussing the Rent-A-Site model and what is in my opinion one of the most undervalued and overlooked keyword there is.

The Rent-a-Site model consists of the following: find a profitable local service, create a website for it, optimize it until you get daily leads, and then resell it to a local business.

I first came across it in a product called “Rent-a-Site” by Internet Marketer Jamie ‘GoGetta’ (awesome guy). And recently Craig Mako had a similar hit with his FastAttackRent WSO.

I really believe in this system, and I am currently targeting several niches in my local city, in this case Dublin. In this video I will show which secret keyword I think you should go after (today) and why this model is so powerful.

Get started and click on the play button now.

7 thoughts on “The Most Undervalued Keyword”

  1. Bertranddo,
    Great keyword I would never have thought of it. I have heard of 24 hour emergency Plumber but didn’t think of dentist. I know in car accidents or sports injuries people do need emergency dental care. Or even if they neglect a tooth and it starts hurting on vacation or in the middle of the night….Hmmmm It opens a lot of possibilities. Thanks

  2. Great keyword suggestion!
    I’ve seen this sort of “build a site, rank it, then rent or sell it” model before and it interests me. Up until you have a service provider contracted with you, what happens to the leads? Do these people enter their information and simply never get a response or do you quickly find as service provider and just give them the leads as a sample, or what?

  3. Hi!

    @Wanda thanks for the tip on 24 hour emergency plumber, that’s a really
    good one I haven’t thought of although it might be a bit more competitive?

    @Sally no pb, someone had a similar request, I will do a video over the
    week-end showing how to create, add and manage these forms 🙂

    @Warren I tell the leads that we won’t be able to treat their request
    immediately since the site is undergoing a managerial change, and then
    point them to other resources. Once you have the leads coming in daily,
    you can contact a local business and offer him a free trial for two weeks,
    they are usually happy with that 🙂

  4. This is a great idea and there are plenty of local businesses who could benefit from a website producing daily leads – in fact, I can’t think of any that wouldn’t benefit. Great work Bertrand!

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