The Death of Keyword Research

Alright so today I wanted to spill the beans on some deadly ninja assassin technique I have been silently working on for the past 12 weeks.

I call this ‘The Death of Keyword Research”… why is that? Because once you master all the techniques I will show you this week, you won’t have to do any keyword resarch yourself… It’s much more fun when you let other people do it for you!

But actually I want to do something special this week.. I want to give you the chance to win a free copy of my upcoming WSO. To do so here is your challenge:

1. Go to Google and locate one of your niche competitors

2. Find 10 of his other websites

3. Leave a comment with your results below or email them to me at bertrand (at) bertranddo dot com.

You won’t believe what kind of crazy niches you can find using this strategy.

Now let me introduce you to the topic of professional spying, watch the video below now:

10 thoughts on “The Death of Keyword Research”

  1. Hi Bertran,
    In the dating niche I spy on one of my competitor.
    For the keyword: ‘how to date’ the wesite comes out.
    So I spy on it and found that the owner have 25 websites. Here’s a list of 10:

    This owner know her stuff because her sites page rank are really high!

    Hope to hear more about your spying strategy.

  2. Awesome job Yann thats very ninja! Like you said looks like your competitor is heavy into old school authority websites, thats the kind of people we want to model! I noticed that for the keyword ‘how to date’ she pretty much has her meta title spot on on the keyword, nothing more and nothing less. I have received a few more submissions by email but I can tell you you are in very good standing! Excellent job!

    @Connie thats part of the challenge! You’ll need to find a way to unearth your competitor’s websites. If you can’t no worries, ill be sending you the exact technique in a couple of days.. Good luck!

  3. Hi Bertran,

    I wanted to try this exercise from scratch, in a niche I’m not even in, to see how deep I could get in under 5 minutes. Here were my results;

    Keyword – Six Pack Abs

    Chosen Site – – 640 Daily visitors

    Additional Sites
    – – 47 Daily Visitors
    – – 55 Daily Visitors
    – – 48 Daily Visitors

    From this I could pull keywords from the source code of these pages and there is my keyword research. However, as we can see that these additional sites generate very little traffic, so we would dive deeper to understand if the keywords are poor, or if she just fails to rank well and thus is not generating traffic.

    Using this method (and a free tool) and checked Yann’s main site and in under 30 seconds found these sites;

    I assume the other sites are linked to a different IP and that’s why the others didn’t show up.

    Looking forward to hearing more on your strategy.


    P.S – A little late, but welcome to Canada bro!

  4. Well, this sounded like an interesting challenge, so I’m going to search for the term “wedding”, as it involves one of my more profitable niches.

    First and easiest way to get at this data is doing a keyword search for the term, then looking up the first 10 or 20 sites theat come up in the results, see if anything pops out. And oh-boy, did it! Looks like on of my competitiors actually has over 211 sites to his credit! Here’s a few of them…

    The site I targeted was, owned by “Jin Yong”.

    I now have his address, phone number, email, and IP addresses associated with this account.

    Fundamentals about this site:
    Website Title:
    Best Wedding Photographer Video Washington DC VA NY NJ MD LI
    Title Relevancy
    Meta Description:
    Best photojournalistic wedding photographer,video, photo booth rental,event party & portrait family photography,videographer,corporate,bar bat mitzvah, sweet 16 in Washington DC,Virginia VA,New York NY,New Jersey NJ,Maryland MD,Baltimore as seen knot
    Description Relevancy:
    94% relevant.
    Meta Keywords:
    dc wedding photographer, washington dc wedding photographer, md wedding photographer, va wedding photographer, virginia wedding photographer, new york wedding photographer, new jersey wedding photographer, maryland wedding photographer, wedding venue, weddings in dc, dc weddings, baltimore wedding photographer, ny wedding photographer, nj wedding photographer, dc wedding video, washington dc wedding video, va wedding video, md wedding video, maryland mitzvah photographers, dc mitzvah photographer, quinceanera photographer, virginia mitzvah photographer, photojournalistic wedding photographer, wedding photographer, engagement photographer, wedding photography, photo booth, photobooth, wedding photo booth, photo booth rental, party rental, wedding photobooth, dc wedding photography, event photographer, corporate photographer, party photographer, dc photographer, washington dc photographer, va photographer, virginia photographer, sweet 16 photographer, bar mitzvah photographer, bat mitzvah photographer, event photographer, new york photographer, new jersey photographer, ny photographer, nj photographer
    Keyword Relevancy:
    97% relevant
    Quantcast Rank:

    SEO Score:
    400 (Unique: 164, Linked: 35)
    25 (Alt tags missing: 6)
    45 (Internal: 39, Outbound: 4)


    Note that some of these he has partnered with another person to produce, but all of them have either both or his name associated with it.

    I also have a bunch of other data (all of the stuff I’m posting is using free FF plugins and Whois info).
    Social Monitoring
    Social Impact

    Improve your visibility: your website is not popular on Social Platforms.

    Facebook Comments0

    Twitter Backlinks0

    Linkedin Shares0

    Digg Entries0

    Delicious Bookmarks0

    Stumbled Upon1

    Google +0
    ____________________ Estimated Worth $511 USD
    Daily Unique visitors Daily Unique visitors
    Daily Ad Revenue Daily Ad Revenue
    $ 1 USD
    Alexa Rank Alexa Rank
    Google Page Rank Google Page Rank
    0 (PR is Genuine)
    Google Indexed pages Google Indexed pages
    Show Google index
    Bing indexed pages Bing indexed pages
    Show Bing index
    Google Backlinks Google Backlinks
    Show Google Backlinks
    Bing Backlinks Bing Backlinks
    Show Bing Backlinks
    Dmoz Listing Dmoz Listing

    Domains on same IP (

    No. Domain Name Visitors
    1. (Smugmug) 339,512
    2. (Societyallure) 1,310
    3. (Moonriverphotography) 700
    4. (Visualintel) 612
    5. (Vivantvie) 485
    6. (Pbuprising) 467
    7. (Chuckcarrollphotography) 429
    8. (Jollysnapper) 406
    9. (Denisegoldberg) 357
    10. (Northernimages) 347


    Note that there is some conflicting data, I’ve gotten site worth of anywhere from $186 all the way up to about $755, depending on which analysis I use.

    All told, took about 5 minutes to come up with some fairly comprehensive data about the site, it’s owner, and how I can rank FAR better than they for the term “wedding” and about 70 other terms.

    I did take away about 30 terms I hadn’t delt with before, and I’ll be researching them next – so this was a profitable excercise !!

    Looking forward to your viewpoint, Bertrando!!


  5. @darrel “Looks like on of my competitiors actually has over 211 sites”=> some people have been very busy!

    Some awesome spy stuff so far here, keep them coming! I m cooking up some cool stuff for ya’ll!

  6. Hi Bertrand,
    I’m already a fan of yours but right now I want everyone to know that I received your ‘Hey Bro’ email offering your help with any problem I had in IM ‘no strings attached’. You came back in 48hrs with the exact solution. I am so pleased and impressed. You genuinely took the time to help….
    Many thanks.

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