How To Spy On Your Unsuspecting Competition

Alright so this is a follow up to my last post which was entitled “The Death of Keyword Research”.

If you missed it I was basically saying that since you got such hard working competition, what’s the point of doing keyword research at all?

Just STEAL your competition keywords and niches!

But it goes much further than that. Today I want to introduce you to 3 awesome techniques which will allow you to discover new niches and new worlds beyond any WSOs that might come out. You can learn a lot more by actually looking at what people are actually doing rather than studying what they are writing about.

Without further ado, here is the promised video. Click on the play button to watch it now.


15 thoughts on “How To Spy On Your Unsuspecting Competition”

  1. Bertrand-
    More than sneaky, this is very useful and practical…
    I can imagine the speed with which you would assemble a competitor profile, then a course of action. Very enjoyable and exciting.
    Thanks for these gems! Actually, your emails are becoming gems in my inbox.

  2. As per usual – fantastic advice – will be putting this to good use in the morning 🙂

    Many thanks again 🙂

  3. Thats fantastic stuff Bertrand thank you. So, having identified a product to sell (not Amazon as I find Amazon have too much competition) can you show how to go about thsi keyword thing. What I mean is, lets say I have identified a great keyword with little competition, do I then find a product to sell around it or vice-versa, find a product to sell first then look for a good keyword(s). Having done that does one have to register the keyword with a top-level domain and then what steps do you take to get above the one you have identified? I hope I have made myself clear . Thanks again

  4. @Peter yea definitely, you want to ‘find a product to sell first then look for a good keyword’. I wouldnt go for a vague keyword if there is no chance to make any money from it.. So i would stick to the product approach. Alternatively u can look for CPA offers that might relate to ur keyword. Next step would be to get that domain, these days i focus more on building solid authority websites rather than one-off exact match domains, so just make sure to spread out ur SEO evenly all across ur domain. In other words all pages should get some backlinks love. Finally work like a madman on ur onpage seo, then try to see what your competitors is really up to, and do a lil better. patience is key, especially for new domains.. if u find any youtube videos/squidoos/ etc on the SERPS piggy back on those while ur website gets some momentum .. hope this helps!

  5. Thanks very much Bertrando.

    This is great info, not to just do your research, but also to be aware of what footprints you leave behind yourself.

    It’s good to think carefully about your own activities as well.

    Which ones are ok to be visible online, and which ones you better protect.

    All the best.

  6. Awesome stuff Bro!
    I Have thought about this before, and never really dug deeper in to it 😉
    Keep up the great work my friend and thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day….

    PS The DNS is domain name servers (so basically host provider)

  7. Hey Bruce thanks for clearing the DNS stuff, highly appreciated ! im terrible when it comes to hosting and IPs , i just got no clues whats going on .. ; )

  8. Hey this is mind blowing..I wil be buying the product tommorow have set the time alert. Well done and also good luck buddy ..boy am I lucky to be on your list. BJ 🙂

  9. Hi just purchased your product but there are no video or members area, please advice. There is pdf and spread sheet though


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