How To Find Tons of Blog Backlinks [VIDEO]

If you have been a student of my Backlinks Blitz Master course, you will know I HATE buying backlinks these days, I rather do find them myself and then outsource the backlinking on Odesk. I was just going about my business today when I came across this great video by these guys on Youtube which summarizes some of the things I cover in the course.

I am pretty sure you will love this, remember backlinks are the blood of getting free traffic from Google, if that is your preferred traffic source of course.

P.S. The good stuff really starts at 0.50 seconds of the video, so feel free to skip the promo at the beginning 🙂
P.P.S. If you are on my list but haven’t got your own copy of Backlinks Blitz Master yet where I show you how to get blog backlinks the easy way, shoot me an email or reply below and I’ll send you a copy!

One thought on “How To Find Tons of Blog Backlinks [VIDEO]”

  1. Just like what you said, the great part starts at about 0.50 seconds of the video :o) Seriously, this article improved my knowledge of how blog commenting should be done. Thanks a lot. :o)
    I’m already in your list. Can I have a copy of the Backlinks Blitz Master and learn more from your expertise? Cheers.

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