EDU Mastery: 4 Parts EDU Backlinking FREE Training [VIDEOS, SCREENCASTS, PDF]

The EDU Mastery video training is probably one of the coolest of its kind, and I am trying to say this without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet!

This step-by-step video tutorial has over one hour of video content and all kind of resources to help you get all kind of EDU backlinks, from high PR EDU blogs to the rare EDU wikis.

Click on the first link below to start your EDU Mastery Training.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction [VIDEO]

CHAPTER 2: How Search Strings Work [SCREENCAST]

CHAPTER 3: Advanced Search Strings [PDF report]

CHAPTER 4: How to find EDU Wiki Sites [SCREENCAST]

3 thoughts on “EDU Mastery: 4 Parts EDU Backlinking FREE Training [VIDEOS, SCREENCASTS, PDF]”

  1. Bertrand, ca va? You definitely scored high in my book with your wso and your accent is no impediment. Everyone does have an accent. Two people don’t sound alike.

    I am very grateful that you have this training site for us because I have had problems with downloading the plugin EduPack3. I cannot open the file so I would request that you send me an email attachment.


  2. Hey Bertranddo,

    Excellent training series. You’ve given your subscribers eye opening methods to use in their back linking strategies. I’ve found dozens of sites that will be useful.

    Thank you

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