Average annual air temperatures in Jersey since 1900. The hottest day in March 1990 was 14 March when the temperature reached 86.0°F. The weather normally drops to freezing in winter and is exceptionally hot in the summer months, so a winter trip here will be vastly different from a summer beach getaway to the New Jersey shore. No one says snow and cold spells are things of the past. Average temperature in Newark, New Jersey in March is 7. Data is recorded at the Jersey climate station, Maison St.Louis Observatory, except sunshine which is recorded at the Signal Station at Fort Regent. Average Weather in March in Trenton New Jersey, United States. If you are thinking about when to go to New Jersey then, come visit New Jersey at it's best time where you can make a memorable experience without having to worry about small issues. What's The Average High Temp in New Jersey? CURRENT VERSION OF TEXT As introduced. March is in the spring in Ocean City and is typically the 4th coldest month of the year. Average annual rainfall in Jersey (millimetres) Is it warm enough to swim in Jersey City in March? High & Low Weather Summary for the Past Weeks July is the hottest month for New Jersey with an average high temperature of 85.1°, which ranks it as about average compared to other states. New Jersey's coldest month on record was February 1934, when the statewide average temperature was only 17.2 degrees, Robinson said. The average temperature in New Jersey was 37.7 degrees from Dec. 1 through Feb. 29. New Jersey's winter temperatures are in an average range of 16 to 43 degrees, and the NOAA forecast says there's a 50 to 60 percent chance of … Last year, the average was 39.4. 42.2 °F: What's the Average Temperature in New Jersey? ... which ends this year on March 19, meteorologists classify winter as Dec. 1 to March 1 … Year: 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 Month: January February March April May June July … Source: Jersey Met, download the chart data. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a cool 11°C (51°F), whilst at night 1°C (34°F) is normal. The tables give the normals for maximum and minimum temperatures based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 by the US National Climatic Data Center. Figure 1: Observed and projected changes (compared to the 1901–1960 average) in near-surface air temperature for New Jersey, averaged over 5-year periods.Observed data are for 1900–2014. New Jersey Interactive Map of Historical Record High and Low Temperatures Projected changes for 2006–2100 are from global climate models for two possible futures: one in which greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase (higher emissions) and another in which greenhouse … Displayed in a beautiful overview. Average high degrees are usually 11 and average daily low being 1. Average monthly water temperature (fahrenheit) per month for New Brunswick (New Jersey), United States of America. The weather of New Jersey is favorable along with the best of activities during this particular time in New Jersey. This is 1.5°C higher than for the 1900s, which had an average temperature of 11.0°C. Northern New Jersey. In March 1990 the average high temperature in Newark, NJ was 57.7°F, and this was 4.1°F warmer than the average of 53.6°F. The 10-day forecast for the region shows highs in the 40s and even 50s many days. New Jersey possesses a moderate climate with warm, humid summers and relatively cold winters. March is a more comfortable month to visit if you are not a fan of the scorching mid-30s and early 40s temperatures of … Climate in New Jersey. The warmest sea in Jersey City in March is 10.2°C/50.4°F, and the coldest sea temperature in March is 1.7°C/35.1°F. with several spurts of spring-like weather. Precipitation. Last month was the warmest February on record in the Garden State. As the month progresses, spring appears. Average March temperature: 21.6 °C. Average high temperatures for January in New Jersey are in the 30s and average lows in the 20s. The highest recorded temperature in the state of New Jersey was 110° on July 10, 1936 in Runyon and the lowest was -34°F in River Vale on January 5, 1904. Average water temperature in Jersey City in March is 4.9°C/40.8°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. In the winter of 1969-70, Philadelphia had an average temperature of 30.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate in Ocean City during March can be summarized as cool and a little damp. Average monthly water temperature (fahrenheit) per month for Edgewater (New Jersey), United States of America. The normal February temperature in New Jersey is 33.5 degrees, so last month was 6.6 degrees warmer than usual and almost as mild as it usually is in March.

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